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Interac, the same company that runs all the transactions you make with other stores on your bank card, has teamed up with Canadian banks to offer a low-cost solution to the money order problem. For somewhere around $1.50 using the online banking sites of the big Canadian banks and many smaller ones as well, you can use a world-class secure system with an agreed upon password to make a bank transaction with me electronically. For most people, the inconvenience is worth the low price, particularly for those paying for a wedding. It is important to note that your money never travels by email – the transaction is entirely between your bank and mine, just as though you were using a pinpad in-store. Other benefits for both of us include that the money is transferred immediately – sometimes it could take me a week or two to deposit a cheque since I usually go into a branch during business hours for this, and if you, like most of us, don’t have a large surplus in your bank, this could complicate your life.

Resources: Official Interac Website – Email Money Transfers List of Participating Banks

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